Faculty Research and Service

Faculty research focuses are mainly in the following four fields in public policy and management. Faculty members are not only renowned in their fields of academic expertise, they are also invited to the public and NGO/NPO sectors as problem-soling consultants.

  • Integrity and Governance:

Transparency International (TI), the global anti-corruption NPO, Taiwan chapter is housed in Shih Hsin University. The TI-Taiwan Secretariat is formed by faculty members from Department of Public Policy and Management. The research center on Integrity and Governance are also operated by the department. Several faculty members have the expertise on integrity and governance, leading to a rich collection of relevant books and materials in the library. The connection between theories and practice is the mission of the research center.

  • Public Finance and Budgeting:

Several faculty members hold the expertise of public finance and budgeting. Relevant courses are offered across all degree programs to assure the training in finance and budgeting, which can be widely applied in different sectors. Faculty members are often invited to hold the positions of strategic leaders or consultants in the government.

  • Organizational Management:

Organizational research is another focus of the faculty members. Faculty members are often responsible for writing and editing the training curriculum for the National Academy of Civil Services. These training curriculums intend to develop and advance the abilities and skills to entry-level administrators, mid-level managers, and high level leaders. Faculty members are able to employ research projects through these service opportunities.

  • Policy Analysis:

In addition to widely applied qualitative and quantitative methods, many faculty members are equipped with various specialized tools for policy analysis. The applications of geographic information system (GIS), cost-benefit analysis, Q-method, and system thinking/system dynamics are all used across different policy and management research.