Department of Public Policy and Management


    The Department of Public Policy and Management was founded in 1996, with mission to train outstanding administrative management professionals with a comprehensive set of skills to aid in democratic reform within society, to enhance the efficiency of administrative management, and to develop cutting edge human resources. The Department currently runs four programs, including the undergraduate, Master of Public Administration, MPA degree, the continuing education of Executive Master of Public Administration, EMPA degree, and the doctoral program (in 2005). Currently, there are over 400 students enrolling with the Department of Public Policy and Management.

    The Department’s curriculum design is to offer interdisciplinary subjects encompassing political science, public administration, economics, management, computer fundamentals and other basic science courses.In addition, special designed courses focus on management in the public and private sectors, such as introduction to public policy fundamentals, policy analysis, policy implementation and evaluation, organization theory and behavior, administrative law, human resources management, public budgeting and financial management, statistics, accounting, and administrative information management. Moreover, the Department has a special emphasis on students’ English reading and writing abilities, and established courses in professional English for administrative management. In the area of elective coursework, the Department offers 24 courses to students who want to sharpen their future career plans and advanced studies.